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What is XDelivery?

XDelivery is an all in one solution for Siberian and Nwicode, Includes everything you need to create your online delivery app for your Fast Food, Coffee, restaurant.

Multistore management will be released in future updates. Based on the location, the customer can choose the nearest store.

How to Install it?

In order to install a template/layout/module you downloaded from the Marketplace, go to your Backoffice > Settings > Updates & Modules:

You can either Drag&Drop the template or click on 

 to search it on your computer. Click on 
 to start the upload:

Next, click on 

 to finish the installation.

Voilà, your new template/layout/module is available in the Editor of your app.


  • Delivery or Pickup Option
  • Maximum Distance for Delivery (coming soon)
  • Extra Options with a price(toppings, extra, additional comments) with multiple-choice, limited choice and single choice
  • MultiStore feature for restaurants with multiple locations (coming soon)
  • Automatic Order Printing directly to your thermal printer (coming soon)
  • Multiple Customer Addresses
  • Accept/Decline Orders
  • Wishlist
  • Order History
  • Loyality Card, Product Gift (coming soon)
  • Report sales (coming soon)
  • Import/Export (coming soon)

How does it work?

Extra Options

Create Extra Option Categories

Before creating extra options you should first have created an extra option category to assign the extra options there.

Navigate to Products > Extra Options

You will see a button Add new category of additional options . Clicking on the button will create a new Extra Option Category:

Set a name like “Sauces” on Group Title. You can select the type of extra option category from Checkbox Multiple choice, Limited Choice, Single Choice. Select the categories this group can use and choose if it should be a required choice and if it should be active

Extra Option Category Types

  • Multiple choice (The most common extra option category type. The user can select any number of extra options without restrictions)
  • Limited Choice (You can specify the Maximum Options that can be selected . Selection will automatically be disabled after the limit has been reached)
  • Single Choice (You can select only one option with radio format)

Create an Extra Option

Navigate to Products > Extra Options and click on the button


Complete the extra option name and price (leave it blank or set it to 0 if this extra option is free) and press Add More Value to add more extra options

After pressing the Save button, the extra options will appear like the following screenshot.

You can drag n drop

 the extra options to change the order that will appear to the end-user. You can also
button to remove the extra option.

Assign Extra Option Categories on Simple Product

Create a simple product on XDelivery (let’s call it, for example, Crispy Chicken Burger Simple).

Under Select Extra Option Categories, you will notice a XDelivery’s Select Extra Options drop-down menu.

Select Select Extra Options and what you see will look like the screenshot below.

You will see all the categories of additional options (if you want to set multiple categories of additional options on the product, you can select more than one.

You can select the categories of additional options you want to make visible to the product by clicking on the category of additional options you want.

After selecting some categories of additional options for the product, the screen will look like the previous screen.

Create a new Product Simple

Navigate to Products and click on the button Create a New Product

Product Data

In Product Data they must be filled in with the Product Name, the Short Summary, the Description (optional) and the Type Product (Simple o Variable)

General Settings

In General Settings we have the Regular Price, Special Price (optional), the duration in days Start and end Special Price that we want to apply (optional) and the Tax.

Inventory Settings

Inventory Settings we have the SKU field, the ability to enable the Manage stock by entering the quantities in stock and the Low stock threshold

or select only the Stock status (In Stock, Out Of Stock).

Attributes Settings

In Attributes Settings we can use previously created attributes for the creation of a Variable Product or to add simple attributes such as the ingredients that make up the product.

Select Product Attributes and click on Add

Now select the attributes that make up the product

The Used for Variations checkbox is used only on Variable products.

Select Extra Options Categories

In Select Extra Options Categories we can use the Additional Options created previously to add to the product

Product Categories

Here we can select the category to which the product belongs

Product Image

Here we can upload a product image


Now we can click on Active and then on Publish to publish the product

Create a new Product Variable

Product Data

In Product Data select Product Type on Variable

By selecting Variable Product the General Setting tab will disappear as the prices will be added to the Variables

Attributes Settings

In Attributes Settings we can use previously created attributes for the creation of a Variable Product or to add simple attributes such as the ingredients that make up the product.

Select Product Attributes and click on Add

Now select the attributes Format that make up the product and click on Add for per aggiungere le variabili al prodotto che successivamente andremo ad aggiungere cliccando su Select Options

Check the Used for variations checkbox to use the Attributes as product variation

And click on Save Change

Check the Used for variations checkbox again

and click on Save Attributes


To create the product variants, click on Create New Variant

Continue whit click Yes, Add!

Now we can add variant products from the created attributes, each adding a variant product as far as the created attributes are

We fill in all the fields seen above as in the Simple version to complete our product.


The Slider function allows us to insert different images within categories such as promotional ads, labels, etc.
To add a slide, click on

we select the duration of the slide and the position where we want it to appear, check Active and click Submit.

Business Day

In Business Days we can select the business days of the shop.

We select the desired days and click on Save.


In Store we compile the data of our store (the multi-store will arrive with the next updates)

and click on Save.

Time Slot



The product taxes are set here

To add tax, click on

We fill in all the entries and click on Save.


In Setting we can set some display options such as displaying Products or Categories in Home, by Product and Category Design whether to display in List or Grid, enabling orders and Accept / Reject Orders

Cart Settings

In Cart Setting we can set a series of restrictions on the sale of products

Delivery Settings

In Delivery Setting we can set the time it takes to deliver the products


Here we can set the background to be used in XDelivery.

Here we set the Delivery / Pickup rules

After setting everything click Save

Payment Method


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